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What we do?

ShippingTo facilitates its members by providing them Online Shopping , Storage and Shipping services, that is fast, reliable and cost effective.

Why choose us?

We bring back the experience of shopping hassle free and make it fun and easy again.
Our team of expert assist our customers in:

  • Handling the paperwork
  • Offer the best deals on shopping
  • Lowest shipping rates
  • Return assistance

Your US Address

The core essence of online shopping is to save time and cost, not to forget, the facility to deliver the products at your door-step. US stores offer best rates and shopping deals, discounts and coupons to US address based customers.

Through our high tech Facility we empower our members with US address that they may use to buy through ShippingTo or any US online store and ship free at our US facility.

ShippingTo US address brings the joy of shopping to customers outside the US and they can benefit from those amazing deals.

Our Philosophy

Kick back, relax and avail those deals and discounts . Leave the rest for ShippingTo to to handle.

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Few of my friends and I shopped in bulk using our Virtual Address. The Shop Ship gave us a great discount on shipping” – Danny, Philippines

“Speedy and on-time. Highly recommended” – Abdulaziz, UAE
“Very simple to use and a great way to do online shopping from US stores. I had a great experience with The Shop Ship” – Shaker, India

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