Can I start using TheShopShip services immediately after I sign up?

Yes. Once you receive your membership confirmation, you are ready to start shopping! We will immediately begin accepting all of your Shopping and Shipping requests.

Please ensure that all of your shipments include The Shop Ship  shipping address assigned to you having your unique suite number. Any packages shipped to us with an incomplete or inaccurate address will cause delays and will be handled by our special handling department. Any packages needing review for incomplete or incorrect addresses will be charged a special handling fee per package.

 What is Dimensional Weight?

All international carriers base their shipping rates on the greater of Actual Weight and Dimensional Weight.

Actual Weight is the weight of the package when put on a scale. Dimensional Weight is based on the size of the package. Large items that have a low Actual Weight relative to their size– like pillows and lamp shades, will result in a larger Dimensional Weight. Some people refer to this as “volumetric weight.”

Dimensional Weight is calculated by multiplying the dimensions of the item. Length multiplied by Width multiplied by Height, then dividing that total by the “DIM Factor.” The industry standard DIM Factor is 139. So, the formula is:

Dimensional Weight (chargeable pounds)  = Length x Width x Height (inches) / 139

Please visit our Shipping Calculator Page for more information and examples of dimensional weight.

 How do I upgrade my membership type?

Log in to your account.

  • Browse to “My Account”.
  • Select “My Membership Type” under “My Account”
  • Click on Upgrade Membership button
  • Follow the page instructions

Can I have Multiple Shipping Addresses?

 Yes, Silver and Gold Member may choose to ship their goods from upto three (3) Shipping Addresses updated in their profile.

What happens If my paid membership (Silver or Gold) expires?

 You will be downgraded to Bronze membership type, were you will have access to the services as per membership type policy. Already received goods on your behalf will be shipped after you upgrade your membership type. In case of, transit goods already paid for shipping; goods will be delivered as scheduled.